Saturday, August 13, 2011

London Riots And Tottenham Shooting

One of the things about making money online full time is that even though I am online virtually all the time, I am a bit disconnected from the rest of the world. So I did not know anything about the tragic shooting and the subsequent unrest leading to full scale London riots, until yesterday.

It was just strange as I took my son out just to our local high street, to be confronted by looters going full at it at Argos. It was surreal and people running all over the place, grabbing whatever they can. It almost felt like I went to sleep and woke up in a zombi flick!

I was then confronted by 2 people in hoodies with scarfs to cover face, who apparently were interested in my watch (wtf??), they thankfully got distracted and I had a job on taking my 2.5 year old (without his stroller) to safety. When these two guys (could not see their faces) realized I was not there, they started to look for me! I was hiding behind a dumpster at the back of KFC! Just across the road.

Oh man, and explaining to my son that he could not walk and I had to carry him and run was an issue, house was too far so ended up going to a mates house, knocked on his door and welcomed myself in. With no police in sight, it was a few hours wait before thing calmed down enough for me and my son to get back home. Thankfully not hurt and in tact.

While I really really do sympathize with the shooting of this man, loss of a life is soo sad. To add to that circumstances  surrounding his death is also unclear, as apparently did not fire the shot? This kind of violence seems to be going a bridge too far. I saw an old lady getting mugged. I felt sick as I could not do anything about it, I had my little boy with me and there were 5 guys/boys surrounding this poor lady. I wonder how the looter would feel if it was their mother or grandmother?

What I really fail to comprehend is that surely parents of these kids know that they are going out, why not stop them? What are you getting from destroying shops apart from the freebies? Personally being put in a situation where I had to worry about safety of my son was really an eye opener. Why are police not arresting these individuals?

These are all question running through my mind, as we in the UK are simply not able to comprehend any mass acts of violence. London Riots really have shown how badly our kids need discipline and people who understand THEM. Right now it just seems that people are getting their Christmas shopping done early!


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