Monday, August 15, 2011

Oprah talks about her episode where Charla Nash’s face was revealed.

Oprah Winfrey,  in a recent radio interview at the  BFF Gayle King’s Sirius Radio show, told listeners why on her last episode she revealed the face of  Charla Nash after her being attacked by chimps.

Oprah on the radio said,
“There was great concern as to how to show the face, whether to show the face, and how to do it,” And I finally thought that she has to live with it. First of all, she wanted to show it, and she has to live with it, so how dare us think…because we even considered, ‘Should we blot out the face? Should you blur the face?’ And then i said no, we’re not gonna do that, because it’s more important for us to not have to look at her than for her to be willing to show it? That’s not right.”

Sunday, August 14, 2011

WAGS – Antonella Roccuzzo, girlfriend of Lionel Messi

Argentinean Playboy model Luciana Salazar and Catalonian lingerie fan Macarena Lemos have tried to tie him down in the past, but this is the lady to whom Leo Messi will dedicate the rest of his years. According to the Spanish press, Antonella Roccuzzo will wed the 21-year-old Barcelona star in their hometown of Rosario at the end of 2010.

Antonella, who is studying to become a dietitian, hooked up Messi in December when he returned to Argentina for the holidays, but has known him since childhood. She supports Messi’s childhood club Newell’s Old Boys, and is the cousin of fellow alumnus Lucas Scaglia.


Francesco Quinn has passed away

Extremely sad story – 24 alumni Francesco Quinn has passed away at the age of 48 while playing with his ten year old son. Francesco suffered from a severe heart attack; paramedics arrived at his Malibu home but were unable to revive him.

24 fans will remember Francesco Quinn as Syed Ali, leader of Middle-Eastern terrorist group Second Wave in the second season of 24 for five episodes. Quinn has also guest-starred in popular shows such as The Shield and NCIS among others.